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Comfortable & Comprehensive Laundry Service in Dubai 

When talking about laundry service, people want a complete solution for all their laundry woes. People all are more comfortable when they can go to one stop destination for solving all their laundry needs. We aim to provide convenient and efficient laundry services to all, right at their door step. We have online scheduling service for your laundry pickup with simple steps. Our services are:

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

We understand that your laundry can be a very time-consuming task. In fact with the growing business in the lives of people, small laundry tasks have now become impossible for people. To address this problem, we have launched comprehensive laundry service in Dubai for a variety of things. We have even launched unique dry cleaning facility because not all the things are meant to be washed and cleaned with water. Dry cleaning requires a high level of expertise, keeping in mind the role of different solvents. Hence, you must never try this on your own as you may end of spoiling your expensive outfit. Priority Express dry cleaning and laundry service in Dubai are loved and appreciated by all. Following are our main focus areas: 

  • Washing & Steam Ironing: We provide the best garment washing services in the market. All the cleaning activities executed after properly analyzing the material of your clothes to ensure the quality of our laundry services. We always keep your clothes in the best of the hygienic conditions. Our Steam Ironing will make sure that your cleaned clothes are pressed and are wrinkle free that makes your cloth looks fresh. Check our Washing and Steam Ironing section in detail.
  • Dry Cleaning & Gym Cloth Washing: Your well-built body shape requires the perfect look with everyday clothing.  Since gym clothes are full of sweat, germs and body odor after strenuous exercise, carefully cleaning them is a crucial task.
  • Carpet, Sofa & Curtain Cleaning: Carpets make the most aesthetic part of your living room. Cleaning them can be a difficult task. Same is the case with your Luxurious Sofas. As long as you have leather couches, cleaning them is no big deal. However, when it comes to some nasty stains or delicate materials, cleaning them could be an arduous task. You can avail our Carpet and Sofa Cleaning Services at very affordable costs. Curtains are huge and cleaning them is a very time-consuming process. We provide the best curtain cleaning services to our customers irrespective of the type of curtains.
  • Leather Jacket & Wedding Dress Cleaning: Leather Jackets are expensive and maintaining them is a difficult task. Bring your expensive garment to us, and we will give it the most luxurious and rejuvenating experience at highly affordable costs. Also, if you wish to maintain your special day attire, we can do it for you at pocket-friendly prices. 
  • Travel Bag & Ladies Bag Cleaning: Travel bags and hand bags are made up of various materials requires different treatment. You can bring them to us so that we can clean it most reasonably. If needed, we will also take measures to restore the lost sheen of your expensive handbags.
  • Cloth Alteration, Soft Toys & Sports Shoes Cleaning: We provide minor fabric alteration services to our customers as we understand that people need to get their dresses altered for a variety of reasons. You would never want your baby to fall ill because of germ laden toys. To prevent your child from bacteria and germs, you can bring the soft toys to us, and we clean and sterilize them in the best desirable manner. Even your sports shoes need cleaning now and then. We try our best to make your sports shoes neat, clean, hygienic and germ-free. 
  • Corporate, Hotel & Spa Laundry Services: We know that you have to maintain a very formal corporate image before your peers. For this purpose, we provide unique corporate laundry services to our customers for a crisp and stronger look at the workplace. Hotels also have a huge amount of laundry on a regular basis. You can avail our mass laundry services at highly affordable prices. The entire spa industry relies heavily on excellent laundry facilities. If you are looking for one such service provider, we are the best, to begin. 

Express Laundry Service

We also provide express laundry service to our customers. Those who wish to get their clothes cleaned on the same day, they can let us know, and the service would charge at 100% extra cost. 

Exclusive Washing

In case you want very private treatment for your clothes, you can avail our Exclusive Washing Services. We ensure that your expensive and precious clothes never mix with others. Your clothes will all be washed and cleaned and ironed separately, to give your garments a VIP treatment!

Bubble Washing

This service is the highlight offer to our customers. In this facility, your clothes treated specially to give clinical treatment which ensures removal of maximum bacteria and germs. The end product is a highly fragrant, hygienic and germ-free garment.

Free Pickup and 24 hours Home Delivery

We aim to provide our customers a holistic solution. To use our laundry service, you can schedule a free pickup at your doorstep. You can request online by providing your mobile number, location and your convenient time of pickup and delivery or you can call our help desk at 058 -8112206 or you can choose Request Call back option from our website by just placing your mobile number and name. Once our representative collects your clothes, initial quality checks made to ensure the quantity and damages if any. Then we segregate your clothes as per the material for the proper washing cycle. After laundry, we also deliver the products right to your doorstep, thus making the entire process, highly convenient and efficient. With this service, we want our customers to be stress-less or trouble-free of dropping and picking up their clothes from our center.

High-Quality Laundry Service

We ensure maximum satisfaction to our clients. We believe that our customers are the king and they should be given all the luxury when they demand our services. We try to provide you more than what you demand. Our luxurious facilities and high-quality performance have ensured that we get ready to support and patronage of thousands of customers. Our competitive prices and quality assurance have helped us to provide better than benchmark results in the industry.

Our well-renowned dry cleaning, folding, pressing and laundry service continues to win the hearts of people. We hope to expand our horizon of services so that we can cater to the laundry needs of all the people. We have tried to simplify the entire process as much as is possible.  
We hope to grow and get long lasting patronage from our customers.