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Cleaning travel bags is usually not a very tedious task. However, most of us usually do not bother with it because of the extra efforts or the time-consuming nature of such a cleaning.

In case you got a nasty stain on your travel bag during your trip, we are to your rescue. Accidents happen all the while we travel. There might be some airport incidence that leaves your bag caked with unusual grime or dust. In either of the cases, our travel bag cleaning services are ideal for you.

Also, there are different bag materials, all of which must be dealt with in a certain way. You cannot apply the same traditional approach towards all the materials. A nylon bag will be treated in a different manner from a polyester bag. The same case is with canvas, cotton or leather bags.

In case you are having a hard time to deal with your dirty travel bag, you can bring it to us and we will clean it like a pro. We provide special Teflon treatment to clean your polyester or ballistic nylon travel bags. Special kind of washing technique is applied to deal with Polycarbonate travel bags. Special cleaning is done for canvas bags. A complicated yet an effective procedure is followed to clean the precious leather bags. You can find the perfect treatment for your travel bags at our place. Simple and regular cleaning method is usually followed for all the cotton bags.

The results are definitely worth the time and money you spend. Our professionals ensure that you get the best treatment and services at our place. The results are bound to make you happy.


Maintaining the beauty and propriety of ladies’ handbags is a very tough task. It is so because ladies bags are designed in a delicate manner with intricate designs. Preserving the aesthetics of such a design as well as the quality of the material is an uphill task. Ladies handbags require a specific level of maintenance and it is usually done by professionals. This will help you to elongate the life of your handbag.

We specialize in cleaning ladies bags. The material may be leather or suede or anything else - we make sure that your bag gets the most luxurious treatment possible. We try our best to restore your bag to its original beauty. In case your bag is relatively new, we try our best to elongate its life. We have a good experience with different brands of bags like Gucci, Prada, Long Champ, Pucci, Dior, Coach, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry etc.

We thoroughly clean your bag and apply stain protector on it. In case your bag is made up of suede material, we first evaluate its texture and then use a cleaning process which is suitable for that particular type of skin. The best cleaning can be provided when your bags are lightly or moderately soiled. In case of your bag is heavily soiled, we will try our best to give you the best possible result.

We specialize in treating and cleaning rare skin bags like those of crocodile as well. We have a verifiable track record of dealing with the best and the most expensive bags from every major designer. If you don’t trust your prized possessions to anyone, you can definitely bring it to us so that we can win your trust. Your designer bag will be in the right hands as your satisfaction is our top most priority.